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Holley Red Fuel Pump

Item : HLY12-801-1
£143.50 Ex


The Holley range of rotor/vane type fuel pumps offer the high flow rates at low pressure that are required by high powered 6 and 8 cylinder competition engines running on carburetors.

The Holley Red pump does not generally require a seperate regulator to be used as the integrated adjustable pressure relief valve offers sufficient modulation for most applications.

All of the Holley pumps that we offer are supplied with a mounting bracket and have 3/8 NPT female ports. Service kits are readily available.

As with most electric fuel pumps they should ideally be situated as close to the fuel tank as possible and preferably below height of the fuel pick up.

This model is not compatible with alcohol or metahnol fuels

Holley fuel pumps do not contain integral filters therefore a pre-filter should be used.


Maximum Pressure: 7 psi
Free Flow Rate: 367 Litres per hour
Flow @ Rated P.s.i.: 268 ltr/hour @ 4 Psi
Fluid Port Size: 3/8 NPT
Power Range: >425 HP
Seperate regulator not normally required
Service kits readily available
2 Amp current draw (7.5 Amp fuse recommended)

Pump Specifications

* Horsepower recommendations are based on petrol engines.

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Holley Red Fuel Pump