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Lifeline 3620 Complete Fire Suppression System for Larger Cockpit Vehicles

Item : LIF105-001-LARGE-GROUP
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Lifeline’s latest generation of fire suppression system consists of 2 cylinders, one for the engine bay & one for the cockpit area, activated simultaneously by a newly developed intelligent control box that also continually monitors the integrity of the system. The engine cylinder features a dual discharge system that initially knocks the fire out before a secondary discharge of a special coolant fluid cools the area preventing re-ignition. The cockpit area is protected by a second cylinder of extinguishant with the option of having the nozzle either attached to the cylinder or remotely mounted to aid installation.

There are two sizes of kit dependant on the area of the cockpit zone. 2kg for cockpits of1.6—2.3 M³ or 3kg for cockpits of 2.3—4.0 M³. In both types the engine cylinder remains the same size. There is no weight advantage in trying to use the small unit as this unit is ballasted to the same weight as the 3kg unit as required by the FIA. The correct cockpit size is critical to the system functioning as intended to ensure drivers/co-drivers safety.


The Zero 3620 systems have been mandated for the WRC in 2017 and are officially recommended for use in all other categories, including FIA GT, which will be introduced from 2018. There are options of 2 types of outlet on the cockpit cylinder (fixed/integral or remote) depending on your application.


FIA approved - meets FIA 8865-2015 standards
Dual discharge system refined to the highest standard
Option of outlets, either fixed or remote
Mandetory for WRC from 2017 and FIA GT from 2018
Industry leading fire knockdown and fire out times
For closed cockpit cars with a Larger cockpits (2.3-4.0 cubic m)
3kg extinguisher (larger bottle but no weight advantage over 2kg/small system)
Cylinder Dimensions
More Information and Installation

Click Here for: Zero 3620 Installation/Specification Guide


Click Here for: Zero 3620 Kit Contents/Spares Guide


Click here for: Zero 3620 Kit Data Sheet


Please note, these guidelines are provided by Lifeline and they reserve the right to change/update the above without notice. There are downloadable PDF's of the above information bellow (25/4/17)

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Lifeline 3620 Complete Fire Suppression System for Larger Cockpit Vehicles