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Tilton Sportsman Sintered Metallic Race Clutch

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The Tilton Sportsman brand of race clutches are made by Tilton Engineering.  They incorporate many of the inovative features of the Tilton units but are offered in only the most popular configuration and a simplified design allows them to be priced to offer exceptional value.  The Sonic range of clutches are available as single, twin and triple plate versions in 7 1/4" (184mm) diameter and twin and triple plate versions in 5 1/2" (140mm) diameter to suit flywheels with a 0.100" (2.54mm) step mount.  

In common with the Tilton range they benefit from Tilton's longer finger diaphragm design which allows them to be used with smaller contact diamter release bearings to reduce the pedal effort required to release and improves the modulation to facilitate better and more consistant starts. The one pieces aluminium clutch basket is of an open "lug drive" design which allows the clutch to run cooler and cleaner than A-ring type clutches whilst the drive is transmitted to the cover via forged steel thrust buttons fitted in the legs, a more reliable and durable method than the thin stainless wear clips favoured by other manufacturers. 

These units utilise driven plates from the Tilton range which should be ordered seperately and are available in a huge range of spline and hub options. For a few popular splines it is possible to order a clutch pre-fitted with driven plates which offer even greater cost savings, please use the link to clutch packages under the "associated" header.

Please Note:  Driven plates are not included and should be ordered seperately, by clicking the associated products link below,  a massive range of spline sizes and configurations are available from stock, if you are not certain of your requirement please contact us for assistance.


Two and three plate versions
Push-type release bearing
High strength one-piece lug drive cover
Open cover design for clean and cool operation
Hardened steel thrust buttons
Typical Applications: Circuit Racing including endurance & short track applications.
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Tilton Sportsman Sintered Metallic Race Clutch