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Tilton Clutch Flow Control Valve

Item : 90-5000
£180.01 Ex


The Tilton flow control valve is designed to reduce shock load to the driveline by allowing the clutch to slip slightly during engagement. Shock load is a result of an abrupt clutch engagement when the crankshaft and input shaft speeds are not precisely matched. The flow control valve is designed to reduce the chance of losing traction on down changes and/or reduce the chance of damaging driveline components (broken drive shafts, gearboxes etc.) This valve can also be used in drag racing applications to reduce shock load to a driveline when launching.

The valve works by restricting the return flow of the hydraulic fluid by a tunable amount. Fluid flow is not restricted during clutch disengagement. Therefore, gear changes are still quick and pedal feel is not altered. The valve will have an effect on quick clutch actuations only. It will not alter fine clutch modulation (small pedal movements).

The Tilton 90-5000 clutch flow control valve includes three orifice sizes (.021”, .028” & .040”) that enable clutch engagement to be tuned. The valve features 3/8”-24 UNF AN3 fittings allowing it to be fitted directly to most Tilton master cylinders or fitted in line to -3 hoses.


AN -3 male threads.
Protects the drive train.
Selectable flow rate.
Improves stability on down changes.

Instructions - Fitting & Use

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Tilton Clutch Flow Control Valve