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Tilton 600 Series Hydraulic Release Bearings

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Tilton 600-Series hydraulic release bearings are a modular system, comprising of a separate hydraulic release bearing assembly and mounting base (bearing retainer). The part number for the hydraulic bearing assembly is dependent on the clutch being used whilst the part number for the mounting base is dependent on the gearbox being used. Each hydraulic bearing assembly and mounting base combination has a range of adjustment. 

Custom Applications:  600 series Hydraulic Release Mechanisms are ideally suited to custom applications as they can generally be readily adapted to mount on any transmission which incorporates a guide tube for the O.E. bearing carrier.  Simply select the link below to order an appropriate retainer sleeve to suit your application.
As a general rule a minimum of 54mm clearance would be required between the base of the O.E. guide tube and the contact face on the clutch diaphragm spring.  If you require assistance with your installation please contact us.

Please Note: 

  • For illustrative purposes the assembly is shown mounted on the gearbox specific base, these are not included and the correct unit for your installation should be ordered seperately using the link in associated products below.
  • 600 Series release mechanisms have 7/16-20 threaded ports, feed and bleed hoses are not included and should be ordered seperately.

Tilton hydraulic release bearings are designed to eliminate the need for mechanical linkages, pivot balls, spacers and external slave cylinders. Modulation and release travel can be adjusted by changing master cylinder bore size and/or clutch pedal ratio. 600 series hydraulic release bearing assemblies have a total of .700" (17.8mm) of piston travel.

Typical Application: Modular hydraulic release bearing that is designed to replace stock-type release bearing linkage
and/or slave cylinder, mounting in place of the standard gearbox input shaft bearing retainer.
Mount: Gearbox (with use of base assembly supplied separately)
Material: Billet aluminium body and piston
Piston area: 1.221 in² (788mm²)
Maximum stroke: .700" (17.8mm)
Ports: -4 (7/16"-20)
Weight: 630 gms (varies by part number)
Height Adjustment Range Table

Before You Order
Due to the wide range of aftermarket parts available, we advise that you check the space available within your bellhousing before ordering. The following is the procedure we recommend for checking available space:
1. Mount the flywheel, clutch and bellhousing to the engine.
2. Using an accurate measuring tool, measure from the diaphragm spring (where the release bearing contacts) to the outside of the bellhousing (transmission mating face).
Once you determine your available space, check (in the table below) the adjustment of the 600-Series hydraulic release bearing assembly and mounting base combination for your application. Please note that you will also need to factor initial release bearing clearance into your set-up. For OE-type (bent finger & lever) clutches, we recommend .100" - .150" of initial bearing clearance. For smaller diameter racing clutches (4.5" - 7.25"), we recommend .170" - .230" of initial bearing clearance.
For example: You are using an OE-type clutch and measured 3.000" of available space in your bellhousing. During the installation of the 600-Series hydraulic release bearing system, you would adjust the two pieces (hydraulic bearing release assembly & mounting base) to have a height of 2.850" - 2.900" to provide the proper initial bearing clearance.

The table below details the bases available for use with tilton 600-Series Hydraulic Release Bearing Assemblies.  These are not included with the bearing assembly and should be ordered seperately using the associated products link below.

Recommended Master Cylinder Sizes & Bearing Types

Tilton HRB's have an effective piston area of 1.221 in²/sq (788mm²). The table below gives our recommendation for master cylinder bore size and the preferred bearing contact type and size for common clutch types.  If you require assistance in selecting the correct version for your installation then please contact us.

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Tilton 600 Series Hydraulic Release Bearings