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Stainless Braided Smooth Bore PTFE Lined Hose

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Our stainless braided smooth bore PTFE hose offers significant advantages over standard automotive flexible brake hoses manufactured from fabric reinforced synthetic rubber. The high line pressures generated by competition braking systems means that a significant proportion of the available brake pedal travel can be used up in expanding the flexible brake hoses leaving  insufficient remaining pedal travel for safe braking. Our Stainless braided extruded PTFE hose solves this problem, the stiffness of the PTFE liner combined with the tightly woven high tensile stainless steel outer braid eliminates the line swell, dramatically increasing the firmness and feel of the brake pedal which also allows the drivers to modulate the brakes more efficiently. Improved abrasion resistance and increased temperature capacity are secondary advantages.
Since brake actuation produces high pressure with very little fluid displacement, we recommend  -3 hose for brake systems. Low pressure reservoir to master cylinder feed lines are better made from -4 as are certain clutch hoses where the slave cylinder and clutch being used means that large volumes of fluid are required for release.
Hose fittings
We stock a large range of re-useable hose ends suitable for use with our stainless braided smooth bore Teflon hose, allowing almost any configuration of hose to be quickly and easily assembled using only hand tools.

-3 and -4 Hose commonly used for Brake and Clutch fittings

-6 and -8 Hose come Carbon Lined for static dissipation commonly used for Oil and Fuel Lines

Please Note: This hose is sold by the metre, please select the number of metres required in the quantity box and it will be supplied in a single length subject to roll length restrictions.

Premium Competition Brake Hose
Smooth Bore PTFE
Abrasion Resistant Stainless Braid
0.040`` Wall Thickness for -3 and -4 Hose
0.030`` Wall Thickness for -6 and -8 Hose
Simple Assembly
Wide Range of Compatible Fittings
More Information
Assembly Instructions
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Stainless Braided Smooth Bore PTFE Lined Hose